How to use absolute value |x| in LaTeX?

SymbolAbsolute value
Type of symbolMathematics
Package (requirement)amsmath
Latex command\lvert arg\rvert
Example\lvert a\rvert → |a|

You can use the \lvert arg \rvert command of the amsmath package to print the absolute value in a latex document. You can also use the keyboard pipe keyshift + |, but this is not a good practice.

   \[ \lvert -8\rvert = 8 \]
   \[ \lvert X+3\rvert =\lvert X-11\rvert \]
   \[ 6\lvert 2x+3\rvert - 7 =2\lvert 2x+3\rvert + 1 \]
   \[ \lvert 2x - 5\rvert > 11 \]

Output :

Use absolut value symbol in latex.

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