How to use big lambda(Λ) symbol in LaTeX?

Symbol/UnicodeBig Lambda/U+039B
Type of symbolGreek capital letter
Package (requirement)No
Latex command\Lambda
Example\Lambda → Λ

The Big Lambda or capital Lambda symbol looks a lot like the inverted English letter V, it’s used in many places in mathematics.

To print the Big Lambda symbol in a latex document, you need to use  \Lambda the default command of LaTeX.

This command works in LaTeX math mode, so you must enclose the command in double dollars (\]) or single dollar ($) quotes.

  \[ \verb|\Lambda|\rightarrow \Lambda \]
  \[ H(\lambda ,z):=\int_{0}^{\infty }e^{\lambda u^{2}}\Phi (u)\cos(zu)du \]
  \[ \Lambda (\theta _{1}:\theta _{2}\mid x)={\frac {{\mathcal {L}}(\theta _{1}\mid x)}{{\mathcal {L}}(\theta _{2}\mid x)}} \]

Output :

Capital Lambda use in latex.

Use superscript and subscript with big Lambda

Use ^{arg} for superscript with big lambda or capital lambda and underscore _{arg} for subscript, like this


And of course, it must be used in math mode.

  \[ \verb|\Lambda^0|\rightarrow\Lambda^0 \quad \verb|\Lambda_c|\rightarrow\Lambda_c \]
  \[ \verb|\Lambda^{+}_{c}|\rightarrow\lambda^{+}_{c} \]
  \[ \Lambda^0_b ,\Lambda^+_t, \Lambda_{g\mu\nu} \]

Output :

Big Lambda symbol with superscript and subscript in latex.

How to make big Lambda bold in LaTeX

You can use Latex’s default command \mathbf{} to print big lambda or capital lambda symbols in bold.

You can also use the \bm command in the bm package to print this symbol in bold in the document.

  \[ \verb|\Lambda|\rightarrow\Lambda \]
  \[ \verb|\mathbf{\Lambda}|\rightarrow\mathbf{\Lambda} \quad \verb|\bm{\Lambda}|\rightarrow\bm{\Lambda} \]

Output :

Use bold big Lambda in latex.

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