How to use ohm symbol[Big Omega](Ω) symbol in LaTeX?

Symbol/UnicodeOhm symbol[Big Omega]/U+03A9
Type of symbolGreek capital letter
Package (requirement)No
Latex command\Omega
Example\Omega → Ω

Big Omega notation or function is denoted by the Greek capital letter Omega. For this, the simplest command in latex is \Omega.

   \[ f(n)=\Omega(g(n)) \]
   \[ 2N+3N^2=\Omega(N^2) \]

Output :

Use Big omega symbol in equation.

Omega symbol is also used for resistance unit in physics. Of course, there are different packages like Siunits. However, the whole work was completed with the help of the following simple method.

   \[ 10\mu\Omega \]
   \[ R_1=10\Omega \]
   \[ 10\Omega-6\Omega=4\Omega \]

Output :

Use Big omega symbol as Ohm.

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