Double prime(a″) symbol in LaTeX

Symbol/Unicode Double prime/U+2033
Type of symbol Mathematics
Package (requirement) No
Argument No
Latex command a^{\prime\prime}
Example a^{\prime\prime} → a”

The easiest way to print a prime symbol in a latex document is to use a prime(') symbol or \prime command. Then you understand that for double prime you have to use the symbol or command twice at the same time.

   $$ f''(x) $$
   $$ f^{\prime\prime}=\frac{d^2 f}{dx^2} $$
   % Use \newcommand for create custom command
   $$ f\dblprime $$
   $$ f\dblprime_{xy}(x,y) $$
   $$ 18^\prime 36\dblprime 16 $$
   $$ 1^\prime 33\dblprime 02 $$

Output :

Use double prime symbol without package.

Different packages already have macros defined for this symbol. For example the stix package.

   $$ f^\dprime $$ 
   $$ f^\dprime(x) $$
   $$ f^\dprime=\frac{d^2 f}{dx^2} $$

Output :

Use double prime symbol with stix package.

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