How to use element Of(∈) symbol in LaTeX?

Symbol/UnicodeElement Of/U+2208
Type of symbolRelation Operators
Package (requirement)No
Latex command\in
Example\in → ∈

This symbol is commonly used in mathematics. This symbol looks a bit like the English capital E. This symbol is known by several other names belongs to, member of, etc.

Use default \in command

You need to use the \in command to print Element Of symbol in a LaTeX document. You don’t need to use any package for this.

    % use amssymb package for \mathbb{R}
    \[ A_x \in S_n \]
    \[ A_n \in \mathbb{R} \]

Output :

Use Element of symbol in latex

Element of with two strokes (⋹) in LaTeX

This symbol has no specific LaTeX commands so you will need to create custom commands. For this, you will need the graphicx package.

The \ooalign command allows you to create custom symbols. take a look

  \[ \verb|\in|\rightarrow \in \quad \verb|\inn|\rightarrow \inn \]
  \[ A\inn S_n \quad M_{A\inn B} \]

Output :

Element of with two strokes in latex.

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