How to type Hyphen, En-dash, and Em-dash in LaTeX?

For using Hyphen(-), En-dash(–), and Em-dash(—) symbols in documents, LaTeX provides you with some default commands by which you can use these symbols wherever you need them.

You don’t need to use any package for this. The commands are listed in the table below

En-dash(–)-- or \textendash
Em-dash(—)--- or \textemdash

Here are some examples so you can see what the output looks like.

  \verb|Latex-help|\rightarrow $Latex-help$\\[4pt]
  \verb|Latex--help|\rightarrow $Latex--help$\\
  \verb|Latex\textendash help|\rightarrow $Latex\textendash help$\\[4pt]
  \verb|Latex---help|\rightarrow $Latex---help$\\
  \verb|Latex\textemdash help|\rightarrow $Latex\textemdash help$

Output :

Hyphen, En-dash, and Em-dash symbol use in latex.

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