Inner product〈a, b〉 in LaTeX

Symbol Inner product
Type of symbol Mathematics
Package (requirement) No
Argument Yes
Latex command \langle arg1,arg2 \rangle
Example \langle arg1,arg2 \rangle → 〈arg1,arg2〉

We have to use an angle bracket for the inner product. You can use the \langle arg1,arg2 \rangle command for this but if the equation is borough size then I will not recommend this command.

In the excerpt below, you can see that the size of the angle bracket in the fraction is not adjusting properly.

   $$ \langle u , \; v \rangle $$
   $$ \langle \frac{1}{n} u , \; \frac{2}{n} v \rangle $$

Output :

Use inner product in latex.

You need to use the \left\langle arg1,arg2 \right\rangle command to automatically adjust the angle bracket according to the size of the equation.

   $$ \left \langle \frac{1}{n} u , \; \frac{2}{n} v \right \rangle $$
   $$ \left \langle \frac{1}{b_i} , \; \frac{2}{b_j} \right \rangle $$

Output :

Use inner product with auto adjust bracket in latex.

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