Right Arrow(→) symbol in LaTeX

Symbol/Unicode Right Arrow/U+2192
Type of symbol Arrow
Package (requirement) No
Argument No
Latex command \rightarrow
Example \rightarrow = →

One of the most widely used symbols in chemical equations is the right arrow. This symbol is very easy to use in Latex, you just need to use the \rightarrow command.

   $$ \mathsf{2HCl} + \mathsf{Zn} \rightarrow \mathsf{ZnCl_2} + \mathsf{H_2} $$
   $$ \mathsf{H_2} + \mathsf{O_2} \rightarrow \mathsf{H_2}\mathsf{O} $$
   $$ \mathsf{2H_2(g)}+ \mathsf{O_2(g)} \rightarrow \mathsf{2H_2 O(g)} $$

Output :

Use right arrow in latex.

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