How to use right left harpoon arrow(⇌) symbol in LaTeX?

Symbol/UnicodeRight Left Harpoon Arrow/U+21CC
Type of symbolArrow
Package (requirement)No
Latex command\rightleftharpoons
Example\rightleftharpoons → ⇌

One of the symbols used in chemical equation is the right-left harpoon arrow. You need to use the \rightleftharpoons command for this symbol in latex.

   \[ A + B \rightleftharpoons AB \]
   \[ N_2 + CH_2 \rightleftharpoons 2NH_3 \]
   \[ CO_2(g) + C(s) \rightleftharpoons 2CO(g) \]

Output :

Use right left harpoon arrow in latex.

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