How to use such that(∋, |, :) symbol in LaTeX?

A prevalent symbol used in mathematics is Such that. In mathematical equations, various Such that symbols are used, the symbols are , | and : .

In this tutorial, we will discuss how various Such that symbols are used in LaTeX.

Symbol/UnicodeContains as Member/U+220B
Type of symbolMathematical Operator
Package (requirement)No
Latex command\ni
Example\ni → ∋

You don’t need any package to print this symbol in a LaTeX document. Using LaTeX’s default \ni command will print this symbol in the document,

and it is a math mode command so you must enter this command in single dollar($) or double dollar(\[ .. \]) quotations.

You can also use pipe symbols | and : symbols from buttons on your keyboard, these symbols are also used as Such that symbols.

   \[ \{n \ni n> 0\} = \{1,2,3,\dots\} \]
   \[ \{n | n> 0\} = \{1,2,3,\dots\} \]
   \[ \{n : n> 0\} = \{1,2,3,\dots\} \]

Output :

Use such that symbol in latex.

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