How to use Xi(ξ) symbol in LaTeX?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use xi(ξ) symbol in a LaTeX document.

To use xi symbol in LaTeX you can use \xi command. It’s a default command provided by LaTeX.

You don’t have to use any package for this. You can also use \upxi command provided by upgreek package, in this case, the output will be slightly different.

Symbol/Unicode Xi/U+03BE
Type of symbol Greek small letter
Package (requirement) No
Argument No
Latex command \xi
Example \xi   → ξ
   \[ \xi=\frac{\tan\alpha}{\sqrt{H/L_0}} \]
   \[ \xi(m)\Delta m =\xi_0\left(\frac{m}{M_{\odot}}\right)^{-2.35}\left(\frac{\Delta m}{M_{\odot}}\right) \]
   \[ \xi(m)=m^{-\alpha} \]

Output :

Use xi symbol in latex.

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