How to use Xi(ξ) symbol in LaTeX?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use xi(ξ) symbol in a LaTeX document. To use xi symbol in LaTeX you can use \xi command. It’s a default command provided by LaTeX.

Type of symbolGreek small letter
Package (requirement)No
Latex command\xi
Example\xi   → ξ

You don’t have to use any package for this. You can also use \upxi command provided by upgreek package, in this case, the output will be slightly different.

   \[ \xi=\frac{\tan\alpha}{\sqrt{H/L_0}} \]
   \[ \xi(m)\Delta m =\xi_0\left(\frac{m}{M_{\odot}}\right)^{-2.35}\left(\frac{\Delta m}{M_{\odot}}\right) \]
   \[ \xi(m)=m^{-\alpha} \]

Output :

Use xi symbol in latex.

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