How to use varphi(πœ‘) symbol in LaTeX?

No package is required to print the varphi symbol in a latex document. You just need to use the default command \varphi.

Symbol/Unicode Varphi/U+1D711
Type of symbol Greek small letter
Package (requirement) No
Argument No
Latex command \varphi
Example \varphi β†’Β πœ‘
   \[ \varphi x(t)=\mathrm{E}\left[e^{itX}\right] \]
   \[ \varphi x(-it)=M_X (t) \]
   \[ \varphi _{X}(t)=\mathrm{E}\left[\exp \left(i\int _{\mathbf {R} }t(s)X(s)\,ds\right)\right] \]

Output :

Useing varphi symbol in latex.

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